SEO how to analyze the site bidding force direction and promotion plan small factor settings

in the face of highly difficult natural optimization, bidding has become the most important part of SEO optimization in many industry fields. However, you want to do to get the final bidding, the benefits are not so easy to do, to share with you one did not know before saw in the platform, analysis of site bidding several force direction note: these points in my opinion is very good, for two years, always according to this way of thinking bidding, the effect is also good, today posted for your reference:

1, SEO how to analyze the website bidding force direction analysis of the site bidding force direction points:

1, the search tools as customers access to information tools, rather than pure advertising; search keywords response is ranking the effectiveness of the promotion; more popular hits, higher audience, more targeted keyword prices higher and more competitive price as more type area bidding;

2, the

keyword is not possible, please pay attention to the quality: do not only focus on key words not much said, in order to enlarge the radiation surface, expanding the audience more to set, do not click on no charges according to the important institutions and investment plans and investment capacity, input and output, and focus on cost


3, a specific analysis of different search keywords and search keywords: crowd demand hits reflect the target audience search habits, different types of search words in the face of the customer group is between cable computer school, computer training, educational institutions such as the IT class keyword is generally has been interested to learn IT the audience found, without paying jobs; employment employment key customers, its core focus is very concerned about employment, consulted, this part of the group even hope to switch to the audience;

4, analysis of user search habits, potential customers in different stages by different stages: always pay attention to the potential customers search habits, pay attention to contrast. For example, the approaching stage of the college entrance examination, waiting for the stage of achievement and the stage after taking, etc., the focus of attention of the same target audience is different at different stages, and the number of keywords clicked is different.

two, promotion plan, small factor setting.


promotion program is a large unit of managing a series of keywords / ideas. In the promotion plan level, you can set up promotion area, set the daily budget, select creative display mode, set promotion period management, add negative keywords and IP exclusion. To male accounts as an example:

addition: a promotion plan, up to 100 promotional units, up to 20 IP addresses, excluding up to 200 negative keywords and up to 200 accurate negative keywords.

daily budget: setting up the daily budget function at multiple levels, setting priorities in order: account > plan.


1: Account Settings >

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