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[Abstract] rarely held a press conference yesterday in the U.S. group 798 held a new year’s media communication, Wang Xing is epoch-making and dozens of media for 1.5 hours of interactive quiz. Communication will be opening, Wang Xing made a formal speech, in addition to "report" a number of U.S. mission network 2014 performance and data, no amount of other information basically.

but in the question and answer session, Wang Xing to the United States Mission in financing, vertical layout, film takeaway competition, even in the public comment on the competition with old rivals, not evasive, one take that, and even some sharp response. For the 2014 regret, he believes that their market judgment is not enough, radical, mobile terminal is not enough ruthless, management progress is still very slow.


Wang Xing and U.S. Group executives to accept media access, pictures from @IT gossip shock

The following is

billion state power network media communication will be done according to the content arrangement:

first confirms a recent media frenzy, and says the group got $700 million in financing,

Wang Xing: it seems that everybody is still interested in money. What I can say is that the group has completed $700 million in financing and valued at $7 billion. Other further information, we may have to release later.

asked: "Wang just mentioned that last year, the U. S. mission in the hotel, takeaway, movie tickets in the field are more hard, in 2015 you will cut into some other vertical areas,


Wang Xing: beauty is the beginning of a comprehensive Internet platform, this is our core strengths, the importance and value of the integrated platform is bigger than any one of the vertical field, because the user is the same user, everyone has diverse needs. On this basis, we do a lot of vertical areas that will be faster. For example, the film industry, in fact, the election of the first seat is not what we do, but because we have a lot of movies before buying groups of users, so we do online seat selection, will grow up very quickly. Takeout too.

(is there any vertical field that will focus on next year?) we still tend to start with the high frequency of things. Hotels, movies, and takeout are high frequency things. In other areas, we are indeed hatching new products. But it’s not very convenient now. We hope that when we look back next year, we can be proud to say that the incubation business in 2015 has been successful and has grown rapidly.

: you just said that the Internet changes will be more than physical retail, which means that the U. S. group will not spend much time on the physical retail level,


Wang Xing: never say never, but the service industry this thing is already a big enough things, we have just talked about the future is tens of trillions of idle away in seeking pleasure market, we are now in a very favorable position. The Internet is always >

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