Minon domain said companies need uniform domain name after the merger

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) April 20th news, last week, Yao Jinbo internal letter form confirmed 58 city and Ganji merger news, but said the two brands continue to independent management, the domain name will not change. 58 and go to the market is not a case of Web consolidation, there have been Youku potatoes, fast drops and other examples. So here comes the question: should the site be unified after the merger? Listen to the idea of investing in people.

: domain name

merge will change the domain name? No need to

most of the domain name investors tend to tend to see if the domain name is appropriate, the domain name is the website brand, and the change of domain name is just like the replacement of the brand.

What is that with the

investors do not have to use the uniform domain name, as in the 58 and two market platform, 58.com and ganji.com two domain names also belong to the best domain name, itself has a certain brand effect, so it is Youku and potatoes.

"from the corner to the downtown area, it is certainly more good than harm, on the other hand, is the loss of a large number of users." Investors think Suzhou traveler is the site of the domain name, brand, changing the domain name like moving, if the majority of users based on the brand name, to give up the original brand is not possible, but there is no need to change the domain name. "The user is the root."".

, "brand building has been spent a great deal of money, hastily change names, but also for the new name brand building, so that the cost is relatively large."." The investor asked.

investor Chen Haonan (micro signal: zhangbiaogege) believes that the merger of the two sites, business models can be combined with each other, earnings can also be put together, but the domain name or should each use their own.

since merging, it should unify

previously, QQ, Gaopeng, group purchase and F group after the merger, unified use of Groupon brand, also set up a jump to the domain name. In the brand merge, enabling a unified domain of Gaopeng such group purchase website, seems to be a good choice.

therefore, some investors think that the unified domain name should be used since the website has been merged. The National People’s Congress less investment (QQ:82201) said that the domain name does not merge will cause confusion for users, again good site entrance for confusion is not a good idea, "the downside is that users in a short time memory short time of the domain name cannot be changed.

investor Da Yong (micro signal: dayongyingxiao) also believes that the domain name should be unified, unified external brand publicity, but should be unified or look at the brand level.

long-term merger weakness, or will eliminate

and investors believe that this is related to the future development of the website. Investor Guo Jianguang feels initial merger

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