Talk about local video showings network


wrote a local video search network article, and today is writing an article. This is mainly to illustrate some of the questions, or to respond to the last one.

, the first comment in that article was that I was challenged to say I couldn’t get a video license, right. That’s true. But I said that the video network is not fantastic. Rules and regulations are like this, you must have a video operating permit to operate. But some of them should be there. I’m sure everyone has been more or less engaged in the movie station. I dare say there are quite a few friends working on it. You do this in accordance with the rules to make a video business license, but do you have? Is still open? At present each big video showings network is not too few to get the license? They are not doing a fantastic thing? I remember the operating site must be registered, I before consulting Shandong in charge of the information industry personnel, I said I wanted to have a website, he asked me directly through the website profit of what I say should be clear, as long as you answer them directly through the website to register business website profit license. Maybe their answer is not accurate, because the operating website is also expressly provided, refers to the provision of fees, information, e-commerce and other websites. What I remember most clearly is that providing web design falls within this category. Friends here have come into contact with this person, or their own website to sell procedures. Or buy someone else’s program. Do they all have a certificate? I don’t think so. That card is easier to handle, but it’s expensive, and the minimum registration is 1 million at the moment. Here, everyone must have their own ideas. But I want to say is: Yes, but according to the rules of children are not many, I do not guarantee that you do certainly nothing, the thing is bad you can not chant, others can not, what is it? If I’m not mistaken as yesterday said I do not fancy this website my brother is just speculation in the real estate network planning, and also not sure.

friends say, engage in video real estate network, mainly offline operations. I’ve also thought about it, but I didn’t think of a good way, but he was very mysterious. He said he was doing it with his friends. What’s the best way to do it?. I asked myself for a moment when I didn’t ask. It seems to have been said before. That is, the search through the car, how to do, we should all know, do not I introduced it. However, my current idea is to seize the lead and then be famous locally. After I become famous, I can join some other stations and link up with this site.

there is a profit method is to work with the decoration company, to promote home improvement project, this is also a profit point, after all, to the property station is mostly buy, it should be interested in home improvement.

these are my thoughts when I hear from my friends. Many of them talk about it with my friends. I hope everyone will continue to support them. There are quite a few friends who have been interested in it, and many have come to buy it. But fortunately, there is no friend in the same area

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