Webmaster please don’t live for Baidu

as China’s largest search engine, Baidu’s position has not been shaken. Countless webmaster to see their website in Baidu ranking, as the first thing every day.

we know that Baidu is now in full swing on the eve of the phoenix nest program, the new ranking rules emerge in an endless stream. Your site may be the top of the list today, and tomorrow may drop several pages, even if you have nothing to move. This is the search engine, not just Baidu, but Google will have a similar move. We shouldn’t think that search engines are temperamental, because every change in the search engine may be a new step for the future. Looking back over the past year, can we think that the search engine has improved, especially Baidu?. Yes, the search engine ranking rules have changed a lot, want to go get the possibility of getting heresy ranking small. Because search engines are becoming more and more intelligent.

here, we recommend that all of the webmaster go to their own website internal construction, how to build a visitor favorite website, is we should take priority in the rankings and consider things. After all, the web site to retain visitors is your original intention, but also the existence of a web site significance.

website construction and operation is a tough thing, not overnight can be achieved. The station master needs intelligence, patience, perseverance and foresight. Please believe that when visitors do not want to throw you away, your website will also be better for the search engine, and get better ranking position. There are two things to do here:

one, website structure and page beautification

to facilitate visitor access, function to refine the science, the page should be concise and lively. The structure of the entire site should be clear. In addition, the beautification of the page is also the webmaster needs priority, no visitors will refuse the United states. Page beauty isn’t what you’re supposed to do. Fancy, flooded with websites with lots of flash and pictures, will only slow the page’s opening. It’s called a search engine to stay away from you.

two, content construction,

news and information must be novel and readable. Visitors come to your web site just as you enter an industry library where they can easily find information about the industry and products they want. In this case, visitors are not too stingy with their browser collection feature to keep your website in order to visit again next time.

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