Join dry cleaners need to understand some of the security issues

with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the demand for domestic service industry is growing, such as dry cleaners. Especially in the winter, most consumers will choose to dry cleaners to help themselves get some hard to wash clothes, so now the dry cleaners business is very good! But want to open a dry cleaning shop, we must understand some security issues, to ensure their own interests and consumers.

a, electricity safety

electricity safety and electricity caused by the accident has occurred in the country, it will cause personal electric shock, causing fires and explosions and other major accidents. These accidents are called in to buy a new set of wall has existed. Some products with the second lowest quality components in electrical components and motivated, often caused by electrical element failure, leakage. For example, in the dry cleaning machine, as happens contactor adhesion distillation control and continuous heating, heat conduction caused by overheating of the oil heat conducting oil heating type distillation box. If the use of inferior torsion heat-conducting oil, will be on the wire terminals. Short ignition will cause serious fire accident; electrical component failure will cause steam heating distillation device and electric steam generator explosion accident. So we have to do regular checks.

two, daily security

laundry daily safety measures against fire and theft; prohibit smoking, pay attention to ventilation in store: equipment operation after the completion of the seal. Turn off the equipment, disconnect the equipment power supply; night distillation, ensure the cooling water supply and ventilation should be maintained; agricultural service suspension should be far away from equipment, power line and fire; all reagents should be sealed and standardized to save, eliminate fire hazards; untrained personnel prohibited operating equipment

three, do routine inspection

including the normal operation of the machine, equipment parts and the like.

dry cleaners used more machines and equipment, relatively speaking, the operation is more complex, and with electricity, but also with whom to deal with, it is necessary to pay attention to these security issues! At the same time to ensure the safety of the premise, to provide consumers with quality services, so that the opening of a dry cleaners to maintain long-term profitability and development! I hope these little knowledge can bring help, want to know more about the content can continue to leave a message.

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