The whole network can recommend the 3 industry to make money

the progress of the times, always can reflect the rise and fall of the industry, many industries have been eliminated, in the process of the progress in this small series, recommend to the 3 industry to make money, so many investors have more choices.

One of the

the industry can make money two: energy.

a detached and energy in 2005 and profits or the price. Oil prices, coal prices, large area "and every year on drought", so that Beijing residential electricity consumption rose from 0.44 yuan to 0.48 yuan. The size of coal mines, we can hear almost every day. Collusion between the government and the coal is behind the huge profits support.


the industry can make money three: software.

any software in Chinese sell are not good, here we only to buy genuine people. The cost of each CD is 9 cents, the cost of high-end software packaging, but $5, but the software is often the big head of R & D. WINDOWS98 sold nearly 8 years, the money is enough to re develop the WIN98 of the 40, but it is foreign. If Bill Gates was born in Chinese, that had long been starved to death or when the machine is still in Zhongguancun.

The development and progress of

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