What preparations should be made before opening the fruit store

although the fruit shop seems to be with the development of space is considerable, the profit is a simple matter, and it seems that under the current consumer environment is also very rich and generous return wealth, but it is not for every entrepreneur. After all, the competition in this industry is also very intense, so if you want to get the success of the business also need to do more preparation, whether it is psychological or some material. So, what kind of preparation to open fruit store?

fruit shop before the best to go to the fruit shop workers, familiar with the purchase, preservation, pricing and other processes. Than directly through their own experience to spend money to buy affordable.

a greengrocer either big or small, medium, neither dead nor alive. People must have enough traffic, hospitals, residential downstairs is very good, but a good place to look at others, others do not rent the store? A lot of vendors. No one near the fruit store? Look at those small supermarkets run fruit. I was in the same row with a vegetable shop, two small supermarkets, there are a bunch of wild road, are selling fruit! When they have something else that can make a profit, do you think there are other advantages in addition to the price cut? If not, even if it

budget to do a good job, get a store investment costs are not small, not just rent, as well as water, electricity, labor, as well as deposit.

is really interested in this or just to start a business? The whole world, there will be a place where the fruit shop, is an individual can open a fruit shop, where is your advantage?

(the next peer intimidation should pay attention to small supermarket boss said my purchase price is also cheaper than he said he would I malicious competition combined all the stores to resist me, the boss is a bully, a stranger, I was scared, but I still sell so low, I said I broke these fast, get rid of…)…

want to have no weekend no rest day.

is not really a fruit shop will be finished goods business in the industry, because you have to keep the customers, but also fruit and wits, to find the next season is what fruit, how to marketing the fruit, how to create advantages.

although the fruit market demand is indeed large, but many of the fruit shop owner that has achieved business success, but this does not mean that if you want to do fruit business can succeed, these preparation needs to be done in place, it will make the late shop run more smoothly.

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