How to open a good maternal and child supplies store Small make up for you weapon

maternal and child products industry is now a lot of people are optimistic, but many investors do not know how to operate, so it will be more difficult to operate. Investors and this issue is also more concerned about the following Xiaobian for you weapon, teach you how to operate!


salesperson should be light steps closer to the customer, the proposal does not stand in front of the customer, the best position is the customer side, this will not only reduce the face to face may cause pressure, also easy to talk to customers, because customers than to speak face face to face up to you to speak more effort, and respect customer.

in the customer not to enter the store, do not need long time standing straight. And when the customer enters or ready to enter the shop immediately polite to stand up, and with a smile to greet the customer, can also give some greetings, such as "hello"! Welcome to". If it is a comprehensive shopping malls, sales staff should always be ready to receive customers, when customers walk to the Department of maternal and child care products as much as possible to take measures to attract customers attention to your exhibition. This may lead to a customer interest in your exhibition area, in fact, is a small ad.


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