The best entrepreneurial action to achieve the dream

the development of the Internet to bring a superior entrepreneurial environment, the policy support to bring the advantages of the entrepreneurial environment, the moment is the entrepreneur’s world, there will be entrepreneurial dream action!

2015 in March 29th,  , "creative + Internet"   achievements of the dream of creating a series of activities and Innovative Entrepreneurship Forum held in hangzhou.   "Internet plus" as a key, opened the traditional industrial production process reengineering, business model innovation and value chain restructuring door. Add what? How to add all walks of life in the edge of practice, thinking. The cultural and creative industries because of its knowledge, innovation, the characteristics of the dispersion, it can be said that the Internet has a natural affinity". At present, many Hangzhou cultural and creative industry practitioners who are actively using the "Internet plus" advantage, step by step, the dream of success.

A, all things networking. We know that in the past 35 years, PC has accumulated a total of 2 billion units. But you know, over the past 5 years, our smart phones more than 6 billion units. Think about it, the future transmission chip, sensor chip, from the past few thousand dollars will become tens of dollars, a few dollars, OK, no doubt, shoes, watches will be on the internet. In the future, you open the refrigerator, put the supermarket milk into the refrigerator automatically read, it will know how many bottles you drank in the past, how much time you eat, probably when to drink. When you drink, the refrigerator automatically sends the mail to the supermarket door, which is called the Internet of things, the Internet era.

Third, business will usher in a time of low cost. In the industrial age, a pipeline, a factory workshop, a channel laying, frequently recommended

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