What are the environmental protection industry in 2012

environmental protection has always been a concern of the ecological problems, the key is how to find business opportunities? In fact, do not see do not know a look startled.

item 1: environmental protection small hotel knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development funding requirements: 10 thousand ~ $99 thousand starting time: a few months special challenges: ordinary hotel decoration investment, the traditional hard work has a negative impact on the environment, and a small hotel model has emerged, which is environmental protection hotel. The key step in creating an environmentally friendly hotel is to lay the foundation for a green house. Most of the traditional hotel operators will be renovated before the opening of the housing, the cost of each room is about $35 thousand to $50 thousand, the initial cost of renovation of the hotel is also about.

item 2: environmental protection knowledge required for venture financing Broker: financial / business experience and contacts demand for funds: $10 thousand following the starting time: a few months special challenge: to find reliable enterprise competitive emerging environmental entrepreneurs have a grand vision, but they are lack of funds. Environmental finance brokers and environmental entrepreneurs to help them get from venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, all kinds of subsidies and public sector funds. You can bridge the big business and entrepreneurs who have enough money to invest in new business ideas, or develop a peer-to-peer platform that helps lenders and borrowers communicate directly.

For example, in the

you must be handy in the financial sector, has a wealth of business experience, so as to provide useful advice for entrepreneurs to make their business plan more attractive. You also need to help venture capitalists, angel investors, and other types of lenders choose the right investment opportunities.

item 3: Environmental advertising company knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media capital requirements: 10 thousand ~ $99 thousand starting time: a few months special challenges: beware of "pseudo environmental advertising"

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