They are representative of the girl’s bravado beauties

girls now rely on their solid basic skills and strong ability in all walks of life are mixed up, today is to say that the story of the female translators, they can be said to be the real version of the iron lady.

The background of the

competition in the world desperately Niang

2013 in April, enrollment less than half a year, because of the foreign language (course) for the first time in the thick foundation, volunteers participate in Yangzhou Jianzhen World Half Marathon foreign hospitality group. She felt both excited and serious, and worried about whether she would be able to serve. After half a month of training, she is an Internet search for a variety of Yangzhou, marathon and Chinese civilization knowledge, the main points in a notebook, and make foreign commentary. In order to ensure that the reception of foreign athletes without negligence, improve service quality, Xiao Qi also for different service goals, prepared 5 language versions.

"foreign aircraft at 5 in the morning arrived, I went to Shanghai to greet him fro 8 hours, even after the journey back, organize the basic necessities of life, then you can rest." In April 16th 1 in the morning, just sleep Xiao Qi rubbed his eyes again on the journey.

Xiao Qi graduated from Yangzhou University Foreign Language College English (course) from the Department of translation, Jiangnan girl, because looks sweet, elegant and reserved by other volunteers, known as the "green girl". However, in the rush to prepare for the competition, each participant has tightened nerves. Xiao Qi and other girls the same, more willing to self is desperately Niang say".

these days, Xiao Qi almost all the energy in the work. Three years of voluntary service experience, plus verbal advantage, so she became ready to live out of the old". Close to the race, calculate the flight information, the translation of the revised competition document, training translation volunteers…… She is the same as before, the busy day to dawn came back, the excess mission back to the dormitory overtime is commonplace.

for three years, it is this jingdiaoxilou job seeking, which she reveals from the Volunteer Army Center awn, has won the recognition of domestic and foreign players, and smooth the selected marathon this year’s world image ambassador.

voluntary service force to grasp the five foreign language

"the most beautiful quality is good". This is Xiao Qi from high school to leave a motto. In the usual days, in addition to voluntary service world competition, the 90 little girl is a recognized "home" charity goddess. And students together to help the elderly cleaning, washing and cooking, to assist the disabled family Jiangsu sisters, served as an usher in the rebirth of the school automatically, regularly volunteering in Jianzhen library……

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