How should the video game store location

with the proportion of entertainment in people’s lives to do more and more high, video games began to rise in the market, because of this, the relevant shops will be more and more. However, the success of the opening of a video shop, not only need to have more in line with consumer demand for equipment, more quality services, but also need a correct location. So, how should the video game store location?

video game console. Generally refers to the need to connect with the TV game player. More representative of SONY PS2, PS3, Microsoft Xbox, X360, Nintendo Wii, etc.. So how to choose the location of the video game shop?

video game industry itself is an edge of the industry, the video game industry should be aware of the entrepreneurs, but also understand. Choose the location of the shop can be selected according to the consumer groups corresponding to the video shop. The game is mainly aimed at young people, including college students, high school students, followed by some fans, as well as some young consumer groups.

for such consumer groups can choose the following positions:

video game store location: select the place where young people like to gather

For example:

department store, pedestrian street, the bustling city; the local rent is higher, and the target of great understanding, there is little video store opened in the similar place, of course, according to the local actual situation analysis.

video shop location: near the school

The campus of

university city near the school choice must pay attention not to choose primary school or near closed schools, because the school is not the target consumer groups, and closed schools generally do not allow the students out of school, so it is not recommended. It is best to open the school in the gathering place, as well as in the vicinity of high school, University Campus city. This kind of place, light season business is more obvious, but also a lot of entrepreneurs who want to shop hesitation.

this kind of shop can be combined with the shop together, in the off-season to do more online business is also very good, can make up for the impact of the holiday. Now there are a lot of free online shop online shop, Taobao, pat, eBay, as well as the industry can provide free Internet bus shop free.

video game store location: computer city now has many cities have such a professional computer city

is an ideal location. The current investigation, have a lot of video store opened in the computer inside the city, and most of the business is good, is worthy of recommendation, of course, business booming, consumer focus groups, decided the competition of these shops are also relatively large, many businesses also. Invest in a shop like this

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