Qingdao City 169 thousand people receive unemployment subsidies for 580 million

economic downturn led to the emergence of a wave of unemployment in many industries, in order to encourage the unemployed to re employment, entrepreneurship launched around the employment activities, and give appropriate subsidies. Qingdao has 169 thousand people to receive the unemployment subsidy of 580 million entrepreneurs, they will expand the entrepreneurial team.

7750 enjoy a one-time business subsidies

for the ordinary people, entrepreneurship is most in need of funds, this year’s new policy to expand the application scope of the personnel guarantee loan business. Qualified college graduates, unemployed, unemployed and retired military personnel, the disabled dependents, landless peasants, migrant workers and other 7 categories of personnel, engaged in self-employed in the administrative area of the city, giving small loans up to $150 thousand; founded the enterprise, given the highest 450 thousand yuan loan guarantee. Which engaged in low profit projects, will also be given full financial discount. Prior to September this year, the city a total of 3134 people to enjoy the business of secured loans and discount policy, the issuance of venture capital loans of $375 million 390 thousand.

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