Xu Hainan insisted on empathy to provide better service to customers

the same thing, if the owner is only from their own point of view, I am afraid it is difficult to serve the customer, naturally it is not attractive to customers. So, want to do business, more often we need to think, Xu Hainan is to do this. Xu Hainan is the tobacco in Guizhou province Anshun City District Branch Shuang Bao Customer Service Department of a general manager.

in recognition of the sixth national tobacco industry advanced collectives and model workers congress, Xu Hainan as a representative to the whole industry issued a "plan for the industry reform and development of" three project ", promote" five images ", to promote the reform and development of the industry to make new contributions" initiative. She is petite, his voice is not small, with a southern accent Mandarin, sonorous and forceful, with a high spirited spirit.

in the usual work, Xu Hainan is a straight talk from an honest man "lameizi". She said, in the 8 years of the client manager’s career, has developed a habit of thinking, that is, to understand the business". Over the years, she treats the business as a loved one generally, the interests of businesses in the first place, in order to move the merchant in good faith to win the market service.

dedicated service dedication

Xu Hainan’s double Fort customer service department covers ten villages and towns in Xixiu District, a total area of retail businesses, 200 households, all in Anshun especially in remote rural areas, traffic inconvenience, businesses generally poor quality culture. So she went on to visit well before the classification of retailers, underline, brand cultivation, electronic settlement, online ordering, online billing and other weak retail businesses focus on service, let the retailers to fully understand the policies of the company and support.

because of the customer service department is working at Fort, then transferred to the area, Xu Hainan can not attend to elderly parents and young children, full of passion into work, go through rain and wind, running in the business between the rash and too much in haste. In order to promote the market, seek to maximize the benefits, she is not only a legal advocates, brand new salesmen, business knowledge and counselors, and retail businesses to communicate information and solve problems for merchants waiter.

saw dust smoke cabinet on the retail merchant, she would take the initiative to help wipe clean; when the merchant grades of children fall, she will take time for the homework to exhaust all the skills; when some businesses family life difficult, she offered her a helping hand, two years, Xu Hainan grant difficult retail area merchant 8, amounted to more than 3000 yuan.

love with

in the eyes of Xu Hainan, the business is their own business. There is a merchant who saves money in a bank account with a cigarette

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