Machine substitutions bring opportunities to develop robots in Guangzhou

with the progress of modern society the level of science and technology, some new technology and techniques have also appeared, among them, the robot is a very typical representative, recently, in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangzhou appeared intelligent robot.

in the provincial government planning 1  1  7 "Pearl River Delta National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Guangzhou city is endowed with the innovation and development of the leading position, to play a leading role.

in science, industry and culture rooted in Guangzhou, plays an important role in the development of the province’s transformation and innovation driven to innovation driven. "Thick" force, is a significant feature of Guangzhou’s scientific and technological innovation.

to the Pearl River Delta manufacturing plug wings to take off

in Foshan Nanhai Lishui Shengli Industrial Park CHIGO factory, from Guangzhou CNC robot to subvert the entire production line. Department of production technology CHIGO chief Luo Weifeng said, the next three or four years, with more than and 400 sets of customized production line robot use, supporting the installation of workshop four thousand or five thousand factory workers will be re adjusted, estimated will shrink by nearly 2000 people.

Handling robot

at the end of the year, Guangzhou CNC began the development of industrial robot. At that time, the number has been in the numerical control system and machine tool production areas have a high market position, but in fact, the development of robots to take a small risk. The final selection of Chinese robot R & D, manufacturing industry development based on the judgment: China is bid farewell to the era of the demographic dividend, the industrial factors and its development rule resonance, the industry development must speed up the transformation of automation and intelligent.

4 industrial robot is coming one of the indications, and it is an important tool of "China manufacturing 2025" plan.

a visible "robot storm is sweeping across the Pearl River Three recommended

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