This winter is also more profitable than the hot pot project was TA

believe you must have this buddy, to talk about the color of mutton sheep, but unable to hide greeds scorpion. This is not a sheep scorpion taiga thing, tens of dollars can buy a small pot, why was able to occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition in the catering market?

in many brands of catering market, Liang Jian Rong Tian Yang Xiezai fame. Investigate its reason, nothing more than it is soil pot sheep scorpion. Soil pot without any harmful element to human body, fried stew does not cause food nutrient loss, due to the relatively poor thermal conductivity, small simmer pot soup can make food and keep for a long time in the slightly boiling state, fully make the meat soft rotten, delicious soup, unique flavor.

Liangjian Rongtian Yang Xiezai   consumer groups:

white-collar workers: a new generation of young white-collar workers to pursue a healthy fashion, pay more attention to the quality and brand, they are keen on meeting consumption. Bright health day soil pot to meet their needs, sheep sheep, favored. Life is independent, there is a certain economic basis, consumption concentrated in clothing, food, housing, travel, there is plenty of consumption time, is one of the main contributors to food consumption.

the surrounding residents: people love sharing delicacy in after a hard day at a gathering. Lamb warm, nourishing Yin, warm in the tonic, appetizer health, very suitable for daily diet. In the light of the health of the soil pot pot sheep scorpion shop, but also give people a pleasant enjoyment.

Liangjian Rongtian Yang Xiezai   project prospect:

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