The convenience store merchandise display what principles

wanted to open a convenience store business is hot, not only need a good location, good products, good sales promotion, at the same time, also need a good display of goods, so as to attract more consumers. However, for any convenience store, the display of goods is the principle of. Then, the convenience store merchandise display principle?

a reasonable convenience store merchandising principle, can make the convenience store sales increased greatly, and more convenient to the customer self-service selection of goods, convenience stores due to lack of personnel, so it is very important to a reasonable convenience store merchandising principle.

display principle 1 user-friendly principles

convenience store display of goods in order to sell to the user, only the customer to pick the goods in order to achieve the purpose of sales. Therefore, the convenience store display of goods is user oriented, cigarettes, chewing gum, set in the cashier at the newspaper, chocolate occupies little space, and customers often buy goods which can save the convenience store space, also can be in when the customer to pay the cashier, stimulate the customers desire to buy.

secondly, in the front of the convenience store should display drinks, beer, food, such as shorter shelf life, lower price of goods, so that customers can bring a cheap psychological experience. Finally, in the end of the convenience store display some nail clippers, scissors, Mushu long shelf life of things, which is more conducive to tally tally.

display principle 2 relevance principle

for the convenience store is different from the supermarket, not there may be a large number of manufacturers for customers in the shopping guide, so that the merchandise has the principle of relevance is very important, the so-called relevance is not related to the sub categories of products can be easily displayed vertically in a region, but to do to each other related guide effect between regions, through regional association guide area, for example, from the regional shopping guide to Hanging noodles seasoning, Hanging noodles from regional shopping guide to the tableware area, a reasonable guide to relevance, consumers in the purchase of a commodity at the same time, and also bought another goods outside the plan.

display principle 3 terminal display principle

called the end of the head, that is, at both ends of the place where the two ends of the place is in the open area, the largest flow through the customer, the highest frequency of return. End of the display is located in both ends of the shelves, the establishment of small shelves, and the place where goods are displayed, the general end of the display of goods for the new products, and promotional products.

1. end of the display of goods required to do less and fine, too many types, it is difficult to attract consumers, the loss of the end recommended

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