What should be noted before the Holiday Stocking

in a variety of special days, if you want a higher turnover, in addition to doing a good job in the field of service, access to customer recognition, but also need to have a sufficient supply of natural resources, which involves the issue of stocking. If the shop owners do not have a good grasp of the relevant knowledge of stock, may not be able to do a good job stocking, the store’s business will be very negative. So, what should pay attention to pre stocking?

blink of an eye almost a year ago, although the atmosphere before the festival did not, but added a lot of festivals before the busy, consumers seem to be willing to spend money. I also according to the different consumer groups to add a lot of goods. Our micro smoke ring bosses in the colt brother under the leadership of The Belt and Road, first put Wang Jianming of Dawukou melon seeds to Pingluo, followed by love supermarket Xifeng, and saw the supermarket in Lianjiang as well as some high-end Hong fluttering tea, snacks also gradually from the big city to settle down small town.

consumer spending has increased, the strength of the micro smoke ring gradually pulling the nerves of each consumer, which can be said to be another upgrade of the tobacco industry. Tobacco companies may not even want to understand that there will be so many chain reaction, which is the power of micro smoke ring, which is the transformation of the new era.

of course, I want to sell another also started the action, that is I found some sell gift box has already begun the action, they took some of their products in the retail store to sell in advance of the household, the purpose is to play the role of advertising, but also sales of a trial of the series of products, for these products based on past experience summed up their advantages and disadvantages, to talk about my own thoughts.

first, beware of bad operators for the sale of inventory and dig traps

in the early stages of a generous gift, lured fooled, high wholesale to retailers, the latter and a low return of funds, sales inventory, and even to different people with different price strategies. In previous years, many dealers will take orders will form on the day before the preferential price policy of the product retail a whoop and a holler, many households in order to get preferential prices, a large number of predetermined products, reserves to the holiday sale, which is for the holiday sales of goods nervous, there may be out of stock, the impact of their sales revenue take the coping style.

two, beware of bad competition supermarket

big supermarket will sell some of the brand in advance before the low price, in order to boost the sales performance of large supermarkets. This makes the market a variety of price maintenance agents has become a mere scrap of paper, for large supermarket prices become feeble attack. We all know that due to the economic downturn in recent years, consumers are very sensitive to low price sales, and even some consumers in order to buy the lowest price products to run a lot of shops,

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