Japan’s electronics giant to decline is a craftsman culture to blame

Japan’s electronic products have been popular, and Japan has been firmly believe that the electronic industry of the Mavericks planning strength, refused to innovate, stubbornly adhere to the "craftsman culture", so now go downhill.

in fact, SHARP’s "fellow sufferers" a lot. In Japan, the famous electronics giant, Toshiba, SONY, Panasonic are stuck in poor performance, stock prices fell, the plight of the deficit. , Panasonic, Fujitsu, SHARP and SONY in Japan’s electronics industry have lost five of their value in the past year. Among them, the Japanese electric market share in the past 10 years, a decrease of 90%. Japan’s "Oriental economy" magazine for the past 10 years, the ranking of deficit enterprises show that Panasonic, SHARP, SONY were the highest in the second, 3 and 11.

why there will be such a situation? Japan’s experience in the development of the electronics industry, many countries have been regarded as a textbook". However, we are now beginning to suspect that the Japanese experience will eventually learn to repeat their mistakes.


chengyexiaohe baiyexiaohe. This kind of thing, perhaps is to shape the Japanese economy has been brilliant craftsman culture". The bottleneck of the development of electronic enterprises in Japan, but also rooted in this.

this awareness mode, in the resources not fully realize the global liquidity, industry did not achieve the "modular" era, is a great advantage. For the larger differences in personalized products is also an advantage. However, for the unity of the technical standards of electric appliances, the demand is not large difference products, has long been transformed into a disadvantage.

The richness of product types, improve the level of

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