Small business can bring popularity to the store

for the shop to develop a business, it is possible to let the shop has a higher popularity, thereby increasing the income of the owner. In short, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more people like online games, whether adults or children like it. Therefore I will consider whether the store is also a game agent Q coins recharge business? Think immediately. So I will let the husband asked people to do the billboards, billboards in the eye-catching attention shop agent game coins recharge business.


customers to the store consumption, I greet them one by one, here I can recharge Q coins business, especially if it is idle in tea tea and then I store customers. At first I don’t think what business, did not expect that after the advertising cards, store TOP-Q currencies is more and more people.

a middle-aged man in the car stopped at my door and asked: "boss, you can recharge Q coins?" I said, "yes, yes." So the guests get off and walk into the shop. In fact, consumption is not much, then recharge the 20 coins, I earn profits in just one yuan is not to.

but when the customer good recharge Q coins, turned to me and said: "boss, give me 2 pack of Chinese cigarettes, I want to go with friends for tea." In fact, there are plenty of tea to sell cigarettes, if the customer is not to recharge Q coins, not alone I come here to buy cigarettes. It seems that my shop or increase the small business for my shop brought a small popularity.

There are Internet cafes with Q coins recharge business

I near the shop, but the Internet business is TOP-Q coin to collect fees, but here I do not charge any fees for this, with more and more customer word of mouth, billboards with me outside the shop, the store recharge business is getting better and better. With the development of prepaid business, the store also sells other goods.


has just added a small business, the money earned is also very limited. However, because of such a small business, which can bring higher popularity for the store, increase sales of other goods, to help shopkeepers earn higher returns. So, if the shop to do business, may wish to increase the number of shops business.

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