Three or four line city suitable for doing business

is now a second tier competition pressure, it is difficult to do business, the market can be said to have been basically saturated, in the face of such situation many investors choose to go to the three or four line of the city development, so the three or four line of the city are suitable to do what business? Look small as you recommend these items.

milk bar

with the rapid development of China’s comprehensive national strength in recent years, the demand for dairy products such as milk is increasing. This project can make full use of the current market popular tea, Taoba, books and other business model, with milk and dairy products as the main products, a strong style of leisure card, the scale of investment of about 40 thousand yuan.

coarse grain nutrition breakfast

in the area, the school population is more intensive area rent a facade, operating a variety of coarse grains, cereals such as Rice porridge, pasta, such as millet, sorghum, corn, peanut, soybean, environmental health, clean, complete varieties, rich taste.

low calorie snack bar

low calorie food flagship health, convenient route to the advantage of a variety of snacks, and even with the role of food. Mainly engaged in varieties of brown rice and brown rice cake shop with volume, jerky, Green Tea cake, dietary fiber, fruit slices, collagen powder, meal soup and other snacks, suitable for different tastes of people. Miss Yu in Guangzhou opened a low calorie food store in the local Carrefour supermarket. Opening of the early days, Miss joint supermarket engage in promotional activities, with a small ticket discount shopping. Since Miss Miss Shop Zero food complete, coupled with warm service, after a period of time, Miss Yu’s monthly income of up to 8000 yuan shop.

barbecue shop

needless to say this, believe that eating food stalls friends know this is an explosion! Remind friends, a barbecue or grill is not simple, taste, price must be dominant, is the most important place and ingredients, personally think that the barbecue shop may not have a barbecue stall hungry effect is good in general, around 6 pm, someone to flow more intensive local open, if business is good for a night to earn on hundreds of yuan is normal.

Changsha stinky tofu

suitable location: near the school, pedestrian street, a large flow of people. Advantages of the project: less investment, quick effect, high income, for entrepreneurs to join, give guidance, policy incentives, site guidance and other help. 10:30 in the morning, from the opening ceremony is not the end of an hour, business projects Changsha District Stinky tofu responsible person Mr. Wang told us: Oh at this moment of time, on the spot have been sold as hundreds of products, many people expressed satisfaction with the project, 6 have been determined to join. Mr. Wang

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