Open a car beauty shop what management skills

now, with the increase in the number of cars, all the automobile related industries are beginning to rise, especially in the automotive beauty industry, then in the operation of automotive beauty shop life what skills? Let’s take a look at it.

staff costs

to standard requirements in terms of the number of stores, probably in about 15 people, including managers, technicians, finance, shopping, and other small workers. The general manager for investors, technicians about 2-3 people, these technicians require specialized technical training can serve as some large chain stores or large stores will have their own training school, the school can provide training for students to join the party, or as a value-added service, and free training for the technicians. Generally speaking, the technician’s salary is about 3000 yuan. Financial and shopping guide the wages of 1000 yuan in the next, and small miscellaneous food and accommodation packages is about 800 yuan. In this way, car beauty shop staff costs about 18000 yuan.

advertising costs

operation of the roadAlthough the

and car to car maintenance has been unable to meet the car wash in the garage, washing plant even in roadside stalls around the car paint wax so simple, like human skin, to accept the wind, sun, rain and other natural baptism, acid rain acid snow inside the sun’s ultraviolet ray and industrial pollution generated for the car is a kind of torture. As a result, they need a more professional, more reliable car maintenance one-stop service. Car beauty, which seems to have become a personalized service car owners who maintain the heart of a good car.


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