Xinjiang the development of aquaculture industry to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

China is a traditional agricultural country, despite the current slow development of traditional agriculture, but if its reform and transformation, the development of new modern agriculture, there will be a very good income.

1 18, in the Corps of the twelfth division of the Junggar oasis donkey meat farming cooperatives, the group of two employees Ma Yicheng busy feeding donkey meat to feed the meat of the group of 222. This cooperation is the focus of this year’s group to support entrepreneurship projects, driven by the group of more than 20 surplus labor to achieve the local transfer of employment.

2015, the 222 regiment of the twelve division and more initiatives to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, implement workers entrepreneurship demonstration project 3 , helping entrepreneurs; demonstration projects subsidized loans 3 million 500 thousand yuan, benefiting 55 workers; 17 women issued interest free micro loan of 1 million 760 thousand yuan, for commercial shops in the start-up capital, to help them achieve entrepreneurial aspirations.

by a series of policies and funds to support the drive group, the emergence of a number of demonstration effect of entrepreneurial projects and individuals.


2015 years, the 222 group of young entrepreneurs have emerged in the entrepreneurial project leader of 10 people, entrepreneurship driven employment of 52 people.

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