Henan province to take measures to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship

now society, the public business has begun to become a normalization mode, while the country is also actively reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship, which is in order to attract more entrepreneurs to venture.

before the first card photo, now is the first photo card". So, what are the items in the business license can be obtained after the examination and approval? September 17th, the reporter was informed that the provincial government announced the 147 post approval list. For the majority of small and micro enterprises and grassroots entrepreneurs, this is undoubtedly a good news. In addition, before the end of this month, the preparation work will be completed the provincial government departments list of responsibilities and powers of the list, and to the public.

to post approval

in the Henan provincial government issued "on the implementation of the first photo card reform decided to strengthen market management behavior supervision work in the implementation of opinions", published 147 by the "front" approval to post approval of the project in Henan province list.

It is reported that


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