Not everyone is fit for a shop

a lot of friends want to shop to do business, but do not know whether they are suitable for shop, so has been very tangled. If you have a plan to start a business, you must also want to know whether it is suitable for the shop, this is a question worth considering. From the following points to see if you are suitable for shop.

A, is the lack of professionalism.

professionalism should be a person who are engaged in the work, very dedicated in emotion and energy performance, but in reality there are too many people to do. Remember the early last century, the mainland in the early eighty, there are many small shops are the same as the official mall business hours, to close the time off. Now the private shop although Business Hours longer than before, but the operator was There are plenty of people who don’t concentrate. If the owner or shopkeeper playing online games, left the guests into the store to make guests without trading; and as Business Hours arrangement is not considering the convenience of guests, but considering the convenience stores themselves; another volume store appearance do not care about the store, the products do not care, make store and product image in order. In addition, the staff lack of passion for work, go to work listless, can not guide the guests to buy, and other aspects of non professional behavior are difficult to improve the performance of the shop.

two, do not understand the brand promotion.

in brand promotion, whether manufacturers or distributors are lack of understanding, what is more on the brand promotion no response. Manufacturers tend to think that the media put a lot of advertising, in doing so to the dealer to see the promotional documents also have the contents of the beautification of the brand, you can call it brand promotion. To face the terminal consumer stores operate, manufacturers think that vendors do, do better for dealer training manufacturers will also store employee, but the content of the training emphasis only on sales skills and product function. More people have repeatedly stressed the sales skills, even the customer might raise questions to write every single word or phrase into the textbooks, in fact this kind of business shop business is hard to do, because of the similar promotions, with sales skills to win customers, consumers will feel no proper protection to consumption, and sales skills can not let consumers have confidence in the heart, can not allow consumers to become the brand’s followers, it is difficult to achieve continuous increase of repeat. Therefore, in the process of promoting the transaction, the clerk must emphasize the advantages of the enterprise and the advantages of the brand.

three, and don’t understand the sales skills.

as store operations, sales skills are very important, in the promotion of the brand at the same time, the clerk can facilitate the transaction depends on the individual skill level. For store performance problems, many people only emphasize the turnover rate, that is, the proportion of the number of stores and the number of transactions, while the volume was not enough attention. Pen has been on the Fuzhou clothing age network a clothing discount store for inspection, the store manager and staff are confident that has done well, the vast majority of people into the store can be successful transactions. From the day of the transaction manager to provide billing records, the transaction rate is indeed very high, close to seventy percent of the transaction rate, but the author found that its trading volume is very low

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