The delicious hot pot on the Chinese land

hot pot of a Chinese made food varieties, according to textual research in the ancient Chinese Han Dynasty there was a hot pot, very common in the song dynasty. Because the food is Hot pot into boiling water, boil a plump voice, so called in ancient times: Antique Hot pot soup. The sound is named plump. And in the Southern Song Dynasty Lin Hong Shan home for the recipe, there will be friends with the introduction of hot pot. Yuan Dynasty, hot pot spread to Mongolia area, used to cook beef and mutton. To the Qing Dynasty, not only in the popular Hot pot, and became a famous "Royal cuisine", and other materials are pheasant venison.

Hot pot ingredients typical

including meat, seafood, vegetables, bean, mushroom and egg products, put it into the boiling water pot of hot soup or specially cooked food. Some will dip in the taste of the food together. Here are some of the classic hot pot eating.

inventory around the southeast of hot pot

is known to Ma, Sichuan Hot pot, spicy, fresh, fragrant, he comes from folk, sublimation in the temples, whether it is daguanxianhuan, mystics, small tradesmen and porters, and merchants, or the consumer groups, fashionably dressed men and women old and young, covering widely, the per capita consumption of large number, are far behind him.

Chongqing is also known as the

Hot pot, duck Hot pot or Mala Hot pot, is China traditional diet, extensive way of dining originated in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty of Chongqing Jialing River and Chaotianmen ferry boatman trackers, is the main raw material, pig, ox hair belly yellow duck, cattle xuewang etc..

porridge pot before the hot pot in Shunde popular. Now, a lot of smart people in Shunde began to eat the bottom of the furnace to the practice of sublimation, re packaging, in order to select more and comfortable environment, "the bottom of the pot hot pot" shop. Do not want this kind of porridge brand shop has popular, especially in early winter with other people Hot pot found Hot pot porridge at the end do not have a taste.

old Beijing authentic old Beijing mutton slices cooked in hot pot, Hot pot flavor, inheriting characteristics of old Beijing copper pot mutton slices cooked in hot pot, using charcoal, exquisite fine meat and no smell of mutton, very fresh and other fresh ingredients. Feng you film surface, antique, simple and simple seats, with a strong Chinese classical culture.

southern Fujian beef as Taiwan famous Chaoshan beef Hot pot is known to every family, has become almost synonymous with Chaoshan delicacy. Hot pot originated earliest in Chaoshan beef market and other small workshop, barbecue pot, boil various parts of the later development of beef, beef bones soup, then rinse beef with barbecue sauce or Puning bean sauce.

is the sheep sheep sheep horn, because of its shape resembles a scorpion, so commonly known as sheep Scorpions

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