Analysis of Xining women’s Federation in 2010

2010, the city’s women’s federations at all levels received a total of 98% kinds of letters and calls a total of 286, the closing rate.

first, the basic situation of

in the 286 petition cases, marriage and family type 214, accounting for 75% of the total number of labor rights; 10, accounting for 3.5%; human rights class 17, accounting for 5.8%; the property rights of class 19, accounting for 6.6%, other 26, accounting for 9.1% of the total number of. In the 214 parts of marriage and family type, family violence is 104, accounting for 49% of the marriage and family; family violence between husband and wife for marriage and family type 97%; divorced 33 complaints, accounting for 15.4% of the marriage and family type; 15 spouse has an affair, cohabitation, marriage and family type accounted for 0.4%; 31 family property disputes, children’s education, marriage, marriage and family disputes interference, accounting for 14.4%. Compared with last year, the total decline in the petition.

two, the main problem

1. marriage and family type the number of cases are still in the first place. 2010 year received a total of 214 such cases, accounting for the total number of letters and visits of 75%. It mainly reflects the family disputes and divorce disputes caused by the disharmony between husband and wife, family economy and children’s education. First, the spouse has an affair is a prominent issue. Two is the child custody and the division of common property issues become the focus of divorce disputes. Three is the question of divorce judgment has always been, making a lot of divorced women are confused, feel their rights have not been protected. Four is a number of ethnic minority women in marriage in accordance with national customs for marriage, but did not receive a marriage certificate, resulting in legitimate rights and interests can not be guaranteed.

2. older women’s rights infringement problem is more prominent. Only the city’s women’s Federation this year, the proportion of elderly people receiving petitions increased by 5 compared with previous years. The phenomenon of infringement of the rights and interests of women aged mainly as follows: first, after being widowed elderly women and children living together during their own, ignoring the elderly people property rights, for the elderly under the name of the property for himself, there will be elderly women out of the house or beaten old women at home phenomenon. Two elderly women’s life security problems. Three elderly remarried women complain that they can not get the right to support in the family, but they do not want (or not) through litigation to solve the problem of support and help women’s federation.

3. domestic violence is still a concern. The annual total of 104 cases of domestic violence petition cases, accounting for 49% of the annual marriage and family. Is a women who suffer from domestic violence are not working and fixed income, low cultural level, economically dependent on men; there are some women who suffer from domestic violence because her husband had affair for a divorce and I don’t want a divorce. Two is due to the determination of the law on domestic violence and sanctions, the lack of operational laws and regulations, in the duration of the marriage, the repeated violence, and the crime is not a crime to take measures to build more difficult. The three is that some men have a bad temper, selfish, lack of love and sense of responsibility, when certain requirements are not met or family;

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