Efforts to warm the hearts of the people

On November 8th, the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was solemnly opened. General Secretary Hu Jintao made a report to the General Assembly on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

11 8, the Communist Party of China, the grand opening of the eighteenth National Congress, general secretary Hu Jintao on behalf of the Party Central Committee made a report to the general assembly. The report summarizes the Party Congress since the five years of work and the party’s sixteen since ten years of great practice, developed a programme of action conform to the requirements of the times, in line with the wishes of the people and the fundamental policy, make a great new deployment to comprehensively push forward China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and comprehensively promote the construction of the party. It is a political declaration and action plan for the party to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead and take a new victory in building a moderately prosperous society along the great road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


report describes in Scientific Outlook on Development under the guidance of scientific development China 10 years of Communist Party to enhance the well-being of the people all work as the starting point and end point, continue to expand public finance "cake", continue to increase investment, to provide a solid foundation for building a well-off society and accelerate the development of the people’s livelihood. 2011, the national public revenue jumped 10 trillion steps, an increase of 25%. The rapid growth of financial resources, rare history. At the same time, accelerate the improvement of people’s livelihood fiscal expenditure to the people’s livelihood continue to tilt the national public finance for the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood expenditure of more than 7 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly $70% of total expenditure. The intensity of the people’s livelihood, unprecedented.


report presents a comprehensive well-off society and the overall goal of deepening reform and opening up, aspirational, rich in content, profound ideas, inspiring, and pointed out the direction for the reform and development of the next period, carrying 1 billion 300 million people hope for the future well-being. As the material basis of the party and the government to fulfill the functions of the system, system security, policy tools and regulatory means, deeply responsible, glorious mission. The next stage, the city’s financial departments at all levels will be eighteen guided by the spirit, further unify their thinking, to the party’s cause highly responsible attitude, from the overall strategy of economic and social service of national development, actively participate in the construction of "two new" and "two city" grand cause, further emancipate the mind, play an active role the fiscal function, efforts to expand domestic demand and promote the province’s economic structural adjustment to the way to protect and improve people’s livelihood, speed up financial reform and innovation as the focus, innovation, and endeavour to build a well-off society and make new contributions.

is to enhance the development of stamina. We will conscientiously implement policies and measures at all levels to promote structural adjustment and economic development. Actively promote the reform of income distribution, and earnestly implement the relevant policies to improve the income level of urban and rural residents. Ways to explore the government’s public investment channels, focusing on issues related to the development of the environment and optimize the development of people’s livelihood infrastructure. We will accelerate the development of modern agriculture, continue to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and cultural tourism industry, and promote the coordinated development of the three industries.  

two is to protect the livelihood of the people. Increase investment in livelihood security,;

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