30 provinces in the light of the west the visiting scholar will visit the province to learn

8 31, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held a "Western light" visiting scholar before training, concentrated training on line 30 visiting scholars.

This year’s

visiting scholar from Xining, Haidong City, Haixi state and province of agricultural animal husbandry, transportation, water conservancy, culture, health and other industries as well as part of the management of the provincial enterprises, the provincial colleges and universities, they will be in accordance with the "go out with a back problem," the result, went to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Peking University, Guanganmen Hospital of TCM, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai Baosteel Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in eastern developed provinces and cities, the national key scientific research institutes, universities directly under the Ministry of education and well-known medical institutions visit the school asked the learning training year, learn professional knowledge of nutrition from the aspects of key technology innovation ability, the level of medical technology, key technology research, study supplement narrow the gap, to further enhance their academic and technical level, to promote the province related academic research field Tamping foundation.

it is reported that, in order to further promote the construction of talent team of outstanding young, provincial organization department will "Western light" visiting scholar into the training plan annual personnel, increase personnel selected efforts and financial support, in the 20 selected places based in part with, to the provincial finance training places 10, and from the special funds of the province talent development project allocated 450 thousand yuan of funds for the support of the "Western light" visiting scholar training work.

up to now, the province has selected 13 batches of 253 Western light visiting scholars to study abroad. Through learning training, visiting scholars selected not only their business level has been improved rapidly, becoming the academic leaders and technology leading talent, but also for the sending unit and the domestic first-class academic and research institutes to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation.


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