Resettlement area to bring new life

Drove to the East District of mutual Road East to rhyme ieguchi area at the airport, high-speed road, many high-rise buildings have been erected, this is the station along the airport expressway reconstruction and environmental remediation project construction as part of the street to train large low-income housing projects – home residential placement mouth rhyme. Recently, the reporter came to the site learned that the project is stepping up the construction of the current project a total of 15 multi-storey cap, the top 4 have been capped, the remaining 11 high-rise into the main construction stage. It is understood that the city’s airport high speed along the landscape renovation and Beishan rock comprehensive renovation project started, within the area, pay the rhyme ieguchi Jiazai, Fangzi, Lin Jiaya and other regions of the street will become the focus of attention of the government of the placement of objects. To this end, the city in accordance with the resettlement of villagers in the village, residents in the resettlement area principle, for these households planning the construction of resettlement area and village, so they moved into modern residential placement, village, start a new life. The rhyme ieguchi resettlement area is one of the big project resettlement area, adjacent to the west side of West cross a road, East unity bridge, south of Lanxi highway and railway, a total area of 215 acres, planning and construction phases, plans to build low-income housing 4990 sets. A set of 3763 units, including the studio to change the area of the 3000 sets, low rent housing, public rental housing, such as the 120 sets, including the 15 multi-storey residential buildings, a layer of kindergarten, and the 15 to the 33 floor of the 18 storey high-rise residential, and so on, and so on, including the establishment of a total of more than 6 units. The area surrounding the health, education, community service, culture and sports, municipal public utilities, business services, financial services will be completed in the population of Goods are available in all varieties., Jovan, will become a large Eastern resettlement area. District has entered a comprehensive construction phase, plans to start gradually put into use next year. The overall project completed and put into use, the rhyme ieguchi village and part of Lanxin railway, train station renovation, Beishan rock transformation households will move to the station here, in the bright and spacious new rooms, to start a new life in the facilities, convenient shopping, first-class environment greening.  

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