Xining atmospheric and water pollution control measures for the work of the introduction of pollutio

October 21st, reporters from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Office to understand, to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government formulated the "Xining city atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work accountability measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "law"). Approach will be adopted by the 8 forms of accountability, urged Xining pollution control work.

"measures" for the District of Xining city and County People’s government, municipal departments, organs and units directly under, people’s organizations and their staff, the atmosphere and the comprehensive water pollution control work for the accountability of the main party committees and governments at all levels and departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs.

on the basis of the "measures" provisions, institutions and personnel in any of the following circumstances, will be accountable: local, departments and units not in accordance with the requirements of the atmosphere and the completion of the comprehensive management of water pollution of the annual target task; not within the specified period of time in accordance with the relevant requirements to implement or complete the supervision matters; not in accordance with the provisions of authority, procedures and atmosphere and comprehensive control of water pollution, the relevant requirements, the implementation of administrative licensing and non administrative licensing examination and approval; violation of the atmosphere and water pollution control regulations, to conceal the fact that arbitrarily reduce governance standards; do not obey the management and work arrangement, comprehensive management of adverse effects or consequences; floating style. Lack of discipline, buck passing, poor implementation, delaying the governance work; for the masses, media exposure problems without treatment, do not reply, No rectification or slow, do things carelessly, false facts, adverse effects or consequences; the other is not actively fulfill the comprehensive management of air and water pollution, should be accountability act.

accountability includes the following 8 ways: ordered to make a written examination; admonishing conversation; criticism; ordered a public apology; suspension, adjust positions; resign or ordered to resign; dismissed or demoted; dismissal or dismissal.

"measures" at the same time, the accountability, involving violation of disciplinary rules, give a disciplinary sanction in accordance with the relevant provisions. If a crime is constituted, he shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. If the object of accountability is not satisfied with the decision of accountability, it may make an application for review to the organ that makes the decision on accountability.

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, according to the Xining City area on the strengthening of air pollution remediation, dust pollution control, vehicle pollution requirements muck Road, the day before, Xining City District City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement to carry out environmental remediation activities in the transport of materials and construction, 80 vehicles unqualified muck truck is being investigated.

based on the previous regulation, from the beginning of September 28th, the City District Urban Management Bureau sent 15 people and environmental protection, traffic police and public security departments in the green junction in the south, respectively, three locations in Qiaokou seamount DXY, set up the construction waste and material transport vehicle inspection point, day 8 to 8 pm and check waste materials transport vehicle. As of now, inspection of building materials and sediment transport vehicles 191, 72 vehicles and closed lax, 3 cars muck cars along the road shed;

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