Xining City West District public places will be equipped with 600 probes

to achieve all-weather monitoring and management, the city will invest 30 million yuan this year, in the public places and focus on the key parts of the installation of high-definition video probe 600. This is a reporter from the city of West District, a special meeting on the news.

according to reports, this year the west region will increase a city hardware construction, firmly grasp the opportunity to strengthen cultural infrastructure in the central, improve the public cultural service network, improve people’s livelihood and cultural, the construction area of 7500 square meters, can accommodate 1435 people, composed of 8 hall 1 hall limeng is composed of stellar cinema projects in the community; the village, construction of 6 national fitness square, covers an area of about 5130 square meters, up in the Commercial Street building 4000 square meters of the fitness center at Jia Xiaozhuang primary school, the construction of 1200 square meters in the playground, Xingzhi Primary School to build 1000 square meters of the stadium; in the construction of new Richpower Commercial Street area of 3200 square meters of the district cultural centers. At the same time, strengthen the science community building activities, with the corresponding science facilities, implementation of the streets, village, community resource sharing, the popular science work characteristics, to a new level; based on the improvement of campus mental health cabin, further strengthen teacher training, promote minors mental health development; strengthen the construction of socialist core value system. To carry out the "civilized behavior" public service advertising activities in the region, to cultivate good habits that honour and integrity, dedication and harmony. (author: publicity, Xu Liang)


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