Xining build a community features a product

strengthen and innovate social management, social harmony and stability. To strengthen and innovate management, we must accelerate the formation of Party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, legal protection of the social management mechanism, the cohesion of all forces, everyone involved in the sharing of all." These years, the government of Qinghai province to the community and the creation of the brand as the focus of community construction, and actively carry out the "Ju products" to create activities, promote social management innovation, optimize the community service.

Good neighborly and friendly,

emerged from the clean government culture demonstration type, medical and health services, caring, green environmental protection, the national unity characteristic of urban and rural areas, to build a harmonious type and other characteristics of the community, let the community people truly feel the community features to bring a different kind of happiness and harmony.

Ju products, the key is to find the characteristics of the community, to provide services for the community residents, to carry forward the characteristics in harmony in. Xining city district before the Camp Street Community relying on the "good" Party branch, with comfortable, warm heart, heart at ease, "four heart" service method to carry out the service work for the people, improve the residents’ happiness index. In the interview, Zhang aunt who lives in Xining district before the Camp Street Community told reporters: "we used before Camp Street Community Hospital No. 5 is an unattended pure resident building, poor sanitation, security protection, cluttered seriously. Good point of Party branch actively play an exemplary role of Party members, they lead to clean up the garbage, street, community actively seek funds to whitewash the hospital building wall, and patience to persuade hospital rental households will be placed in the debris in the yard was cleared, the coordination of the two basement for debris in storage, now 5 the hospital on the face take on an altogether new aspect not only to improve the living environment, but also promote, neighborhood harmony, unity, mutual assistance, mutual love, make everyone feel comfortable." Good point construction has become the meeting, Party members and Party members in community construction between the warm Park, contact with the masses of Party members, residents and residents of the heart park amusement park, opened up a party for development, community party building activities, listen to their opinions and suggestions, understand the new channel of public opinion. Former Camp Street community, said the person in charge, good neighbors and active members of the hospital to help the formation of disadvantaged groups, for their material and spiritual assistance. For single parent children to go to school, the children are not around, no one at home care for the elderly, the good point of the members of the rotation to help the old people clean the room, drying the quilt, dedication of a love. Grid volunteers also constitute a duty patrol, the party members claimed the public security patrol post, every day is very seriously working to promote safety knowledge, propaganda Party’s Huimin policy. During the interview, the community residents have told reporters: "we have the good neighborly rich and colorful activities, deepen the neighborhood exchanges, harmony, active building atmosphere, deepen the acquaintance, to help the neighborhood, so familiar with the unfamiliar neighbors close together, let the silence of the hospital building up happy and lively…… Living in such a community we feel at ease!"

characteristics of the community to create and enhance the level of community service. Xining south weather Lane Community Lee told reporters: "we play community;

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