Qinghai shantytowns have completed the resettlement of more than 7 thousand households

This year, the province in the shantytowns to improve the proportion of monetary resettlement compensation, to speed up the settlement of the settlement at the same time, effectively digest the stock of commercial housing. In September 11th, the reporter learned from the provincial housing department learned that, as of recently, the monetized resettlement 7075 households completed the province shantytowns, including monetary compensation for 3927 households, digest of commercial housing for sale 3148 sets of about 380 thousand square meters.

for the shantytowns resettlement housing and digest the passage between the more smooth, the relevant departments in our province this year for ordinary commercial housing inventory more thoroughly, and increased the proportion of shantytowns resettlement monetary compensation. This year plans to settle the 6400 sets of commodity housing units by means of currency resettlement of 440 thousand square meters. Currently, the amount of commercial housing sales accounted for 86% of the plan by way of monetary settlement.It is reported that

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