The provincial capital of North started the year battle

2013 is Xining City, the "year" project of the year, in order to fight this battle, Chengbei District of Xining city with a city and the forest city construction, strengthen environmental supervision and energy-saving emission reduction, and the area of the "creative city" member units signed the 2013 annual target responsibility book.

at present, constraints of resources and environment has become a bottleneck in the north area of development, how to use the limited resources, the ecological environment is fragile to withstand the rapid economic development, is a major strategic task facing the sustainable development of the area north of the city. Therefore, in order to fight this battle, ensure the realization of "model", north of the city zone will work in energy conservation and emission reduction.

this year, North District will focus on "cod" in 12th Five-Year, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen oxides total control and pollution reduction targets, increase the focus on corporate environmental monitoring efforts and energy-saving technological transformation project construction, the strict implementation of industrial policies and pollutant discharge standards, from the source to ensure the quality of project access. We will continue to carry out environmental protection special treatment, and gradually shut down, stop and eliminate the backward production technology, high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises. At the same time, to carry out a comprehensive renovation of air pollution, the implementation of the "blue sky project"; combined with the "clean water project" and the Beichuan River comprehensive renovation project, the full implementation of the "long river system, intensify supervision on wastewater discharge along the river channel of small and medium sized processing enterprises and the catering industry; carry out the" quiet project ", strengthen the construction noise management, carry out the" high school examination noise limit control project "; to promote" clean project ", the implementation of waste reduction, harmless and resources, promote the rural environment contiguous remediation demonstration project work, improve the green coverage rate.

addition, Chengbei district will be strict construction project approval, constantly improve the EIA and the "three simultaneous" implementation rate regulation, "first on the bus, after the replacement ticket violations" or "the car is not only" a variety of eia. Improve the jurisdiction of the environment emergency management mechanism, standardize enterprise emergency plans, emergency equipment and equipment, the establishment of pollution accident disposal linkage mechanism to ensure that the investigation in place, rectification in place, to resolve disputes. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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