The first four months of the new 1025 small and micro enterprises in Xining

has a good policy, the enterprise developed rapidly. In May 20th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission SME Bureau learned that, after a year of hard work, Xining city has formed a relatively complete policy guidance, credit guarantee, tax relief and a series of support system, Small and micro businesses increase the number of far more than in previous years. Only in the first four months of this year, Xining on the various types of small and micro enterprises 1025, of which the majority of the service sector.

according to statistics, nearly 10000 kinds of small and micro enterprises in Xining accounted for 99% of the total number of enterprises, the economic development of Xining’s leading role has become increasingly apparent. In order to promote the development of small and micro enterprises, in the implementation of the provincial government to support the development of small and micro enterprises 60 policy measures, the first time in Xining introduced a number of support, preferential policies. In the thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment "activities, Xining has set up Xining City Service Center Small and micro businesses of this public service platform, to maximize the integration of social resources, realize the upgrading and renewal of government services, for the full range Small and micro businesses to provide convenient, fast, low the cost of direct service.

a number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the rapid development of Xining has become the focus of key enterprises. Annual sales of over one million yuan of more than 5000 SMEs, directly or indirectly led to the employment of more than 100 thousand people. At the same time, in order to put one entrepreneurial intention into reality, Xining continuous to the banking financial institutions in the province, financing guarantee institutions and small loan companies to promote the project, improve the past caused by information asymmetry Small and micro businesses financing problems. In addition, Xining city also simplify the tax process, organizational learning Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies, timely inform taxpayers of relevant policies, to ensure compliance with the conditions of the taxpayer can know tax relief for the process and content. Washington (reporter Zhou Jianping)



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