Qinghai shantytowns good start

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, this year, the province shantytowns task is 80 thousand and 300, basically built 52 thousand and 600 units, check in 50 thousand and 800. At the end of March, has started 18221, basically completed 7698 sets, 7014 households, respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 22.7%, 15% and 14%, completed an investment of 390 million yuan.

it is understood that this year, the Province vigorously promote shantytowns, pay close attention to the preparation of the project to build detailed planning or comprehensive implementation of the implementation of the program, and start the project demolition, administrative examination and approval, etc.. Take effective measures to improve the proportion of shantytowns monetary resettlement, the shantytowns target to specific projects. Public selection of shantytowns implementation of the main body, the full implementation of the work of the government purchase service to shed by the provincial government on behalf of local government bonds, to support the government purchase service implementation shed on the financial difficulties of cities and counties. At the same time, the establishment of cooperation mechanism of shantytowns loans and financial aspects, solve the difficulties and problems of the work shed to change the loan, docking shantytowns annual objectives and tasks and projects list, jointly improve the project loan scheme.


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