Nearly 2700 communities will end stealing electricity history

both old buildings, or residential placement, starting from this year, residents no longer have to worry about gebiao power stealing electricity, caused by the leakage of pool electricity trouble, our province will be completed within 4 years of renovation of 2694 residential quarters, 489 thousand and 262 households gebiao users, to achieve a "one table".

it is understood, "has won the provincial development and Reform Commission to review the 2013-2016 transformation of the family table plan" before, which means that Qinghai household table transformation project started. Provincial electric power sector will be within the scope of the large power grid 100% of all residents of the meter reading to households, fees to households.

residents Liu said, because the plot taken before the combination of electricity, the implementation of the price ladder residents, electricity to 0.4 yuan / kWh, residential electricity stealing phenomenon is serious, the residents in addition to pay their own bills, but also to share public electricity, high cost, great views of the residents. After the transformation of a table, in accordance with the standards of the residents ladder electricity, people used to rest assured that electricity, electricity, electricity is also less.

Xining power supply department responsible person, the implementation of "a form of renovation project for community residents, to reduce residential electricity consumption of the" intermediate level "to promote the construction of" harmonious community ", to be able to completely eliminate residential residential electricity price and Electricity Allocation allocation phenomenon, completely solve the problem of residential electricity the low voltage problem, greatly improve the reliability of power supply of the residents to better meet people’s growing demand for electricity. According to the relevant planning, Qinghai electric power company has developed a transformation plan, which, in 2013 plans to transform more than 110 thousand households, in 2014 plans to transform the more than 160 thousand. (author: Fang Xu)

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