Xining city school D dangerous all eliminated

The reporter learned from the Xining Bureau, Xining city since 2009 the implementation of school safety engineering, and actively strive for national, provincial special funds 940 million yuan, combined with the layout of the school raised 600 million yuan of matching funds (including school safety part of the self matching funds of 290 million yuan), issued 127 construction projects (including national and provincial projects issued 99 self financing, Part 28), issued a project started in 119, completed in 79, a total investment of 900 million yuan, the elimination of school D level dangerous 630 thousand square meters. At the same time, through the layout adjustment, merger and integration, natural elimination, closed disable, etc., to eliminate D class 90 thousand square meters dangerous. Up to now, the city’s 720 thousand square meters of school buildings D class has been eliminated. (author: boat)

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