Multi transport subsidies to protect the Spring Festival basket


Luo Huining Secretary to make important instructions * chaired by the municipal Party committee of the Standing Committee of the deployment of the deployment of vegetables to strengthen the sales price limit to ensure that the Spring Festival supply

recently, Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee of Xining city during the Spring Festival to protect vegetable food and other public necessities supply, ensure stable price work made important instructions, municipal government attaches great importance to the evening of January 27th, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the special research and deployment of the city during the Spring Festival, the lantern insurance for price stability work, the municipal government immediately to make comprehensive arrangements, decided to increase the distribution of reserves, increase subsidies limit, expand direct marketing and other measures to fully protect the supply of cheap.

last year subsidies 4 varieties of 368 tons of vegetables sold on the 7 day, the price of fine food subsidies to continue this year, 7 days before the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival 3 days, by the major supermarkets, vegetables direct car, community convenience center, discount stores and other 120 points of sale, sales price subsidies 1000 tons of turmeric, pepper, cucumber, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant and other 6 kinds of fine food, people or higher demand for larger, direct subsidies 4-6 yuan per kg of vegetables. Based on the

[link] news of 6 kinds of vegetables, the implementation of the subsidy price

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