Report of the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice on the implementation of the spirit of the Provinci

Municipal Government: in January 9, 2012, the Provincial Justice Department held a provincial judicial administrative work conference. Deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, Guo Ruzhuo, vice governor He Ting, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Zhongbao, provincial people’s Congress Secretary director Guan Yulin, vice governor He Ting, provincial deputy secretary Gao Yu, provincial deputy secretary general Zhang Ming, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government and provincial public security leaders Ma Ji and the Department of justice of the offices, states and cities the Bureau of justice, prison inmates, notary lawyers and other related personnel to participate in the meeting. The main spirit of the meeting and the relevant work arrangements for the implementation of the report are as follows:
first, the basic situation and the main spirit of the meeting
(a) meeting the basic situation of province’s judicial and administrative work conference mainly conveyed the national political work conference, the national judicial department (bureau) general conference, the Eighth National Congress of lawyers and the political work conference, summed up in 2011 the province’s judicial administrative work on the deployment of the judicial administrative work in 2012. On the part of the meeting exchange floor, City Bureau of justice was entitled "the lawyer notarization function and serve the economic and social development of the exchange of experience speaking; at the same time, summed up in 2011 in recognition of the province’s judicial and administrative system of advanced units and individuals, the Municipal Judicial Bureau awarded the 2011 key targets of advanced units and notary work, the legal aid work unit two outstanding business awards; Provincial Justice Minister Comrade Wu Faxiang made working report, and signed the 2012 annual key work target and task state, the judicial administrative system.
(two) on the main spirit meeting, vice governor He Ting made an important speech on the current economic and social situation of the comprehensive and objective analysis, put forward specific requirements to further improve the judicial administrative work in the province in 2012. The judicial administrative organs at all levels should deepen to resolve social conflicts, social management innovation, impartial and honest law enforcement work in three aspects as the main line, to further improve the situation analysis and judgment ability, effectively enhance the overall awareness, service consciousness, innovation and development to tackle tough consciousness, as a positive development, tree image. Vice governor He Ting on the administration of justice in the province in 2012, put forward six aspects of work: one should focus on the primary political task, maintaining social harmony and stability; two is to focus on the development of the main theme, promoting economic and social development; three should focus on the innovation of social management, promote the management of special groups; four should focus on the long-term development of the cause. To strengthen the infrastructure construction; fifth, around the core values of education, build a clean and honest judicial administrative staff; six should focus on enhancing the overall performance, and promote the work of development. Provincial Justice Minister Wu Faxiang from the six aspects of judicial and administrative arrangements for the 2012 key tasks. One is to focus on the stable and rapid economic and social development, carry out the "legal service for the people of excellence" activities, efforts to strengthen the legal services and legal aid work; two is the focus on the implementation of safeguard the stability of the primary task, carry out the monitoring of the basic construction year "activities, efforts to strengthen supervision;

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