000 cadres Grassroots Xining city focus on the combination of the four

in order to put the spirit of the central document sent to the countryside, in March 1st, Xining City area with cadres contact the masses of grassroots work, deployed 64 cadres to 32 administrative villages, preaching the spirit of the central and provincial Party Committee document no..

it is understood that in a month of service activities in the countryside, the countryside preaching Chengzhong district cadres will focus on four to promote the four strengthen ", in accordance with the" for the people, pragmatic and honest "requirement, through the combination of propaganda and public opinion about the village; and preaching for the tangible things combined with a new preaching; round of grassroots organizations working together; to preach and implement the central, provincial and municipal work style of the provisions of the principle of combining on agricultural and rural restructuring, new rural construction, rural practical problems, the villagers ideological and moral quality improvement, democratic management of village affairs to carry out propaganda activities. In the opinion of preaching and understanding of village combination, for the countryside cadres actively guide the masses to change the idea, in adjusting the industrial structure, the development of agriculture, increase the income for the "two committees" and the masses brainstorming. In preaching and doing things for the combination of requirements, and actively carry out the "propaganda cadres into hundreds of homes, 100, 100, 100 home to warm heart" and "four hundred" visits, through to go from village to village, the people earnestly, focus on understanding and solve the masses of landless peasants and land preparation for the production of employment difficulties. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)

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