Huangzhong focus on enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of village level team

Huangzhong County efforts to broaden the channels elected village cadres, village cadres to strengthen education and training, strict supervision and management of village cadres, village cadres to improve the incentive mechanism, to further enhance the "two committees" of the village’s cohesion and combat effectiveness.

Huangzhong county to strengthen and improve the construction of village "two committees" as a "grassroots organization building activities of the primary task, adhere to the" two push an election "and" direct election "approach, 13 to youth, veterans, rich hotshot, economic elite selection to the village" two "team, and from the Township Committee authorities sent cadres to the village outstanding Party member 20 as first secretary; from the organs units selected 17 party members and cadres to focus on the village, village as instructors, send 22 students village to served as secretary of the Party branch or village director assistant of village, broaden the channel selection.

invited experts to village cadres, college students village officials focused on the current policy, laws and regulations training. By the organization, Party school, publicity and other units Tour team, in-depth Township special training of "two committees" of the village cadres of the main. In the LAN Long Kou Zhen ban Zhong Ying Cun Zhen Shuang Zhai Cun, DOPA, Republic of Suhl Zhen Ji Cun established rural cadres practice training base, organization of village cadres to practice training base, to further enhance the overall quality of village cadres.

conscientiously carry out public commitment activities, rural Party organizations and Party members committed to doing practical things to do good things up to more than 2 thousand and 600, and within a certain range of public, accept the supervision of the masses. To earnestly implement the "based on three vote" system, the implementation of the accounting and financial disclosure, director of the village Party branch secretary, village committee director of "four sign" system, ensure the village financial expenditure is reasonable and standardized. (author: Su Jianping Li Haiming)

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