To wait for the opportunity as soon as possible to achieve full coverage of social security

The Social Security Bureau three county four district

city in June 15, 2012 and the person in charge of the new agricultural insurance, the city ranks the responsible person, managers on the 6 floor conference room of Xining City Social Security Bureau "on the adjustment of new rural and urban residents social pension insurance basic pension notice" (green Community Hall hair 2012 No. 56) a meeting, the meeting of Xining City Social Security Bureau Director Yang stressed that since January 1, 2012, the province’s urban and rural residents pension social pension insurance basic minimum standards raise 30 yuan per person per month, per month from 60 yuan to 90 yuan. The tune to be extended to promote the surface, with three main features, regardless of rural towns; no insurance; to expand the scope of the collection of old-age insurance premiums. Funds to be transferred by the provincial financial commitment. The general staff enjoy the treatment (except death) for part of the pension must before June 30, 2012 100% by issuing success.


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