Warm winter show warm

To implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial press and Publication office organized cultural and theatrical performances squad, grassroots, show spirit form of propaganda of the party’s eighteen big to rich and colorful art. December 29th, welcome the new year culture "three rural" theatrical performances in the city north of the city, North Village, the curtain opened.

day, my temperature is very low, but the cold weather did not stop the actors show enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the villagers watch, regardless of ethnic dance or playing musical instruments, either Qinghai or folk music to the flowers, the villagers live relish, applause and cheers constantly. Culture and Art Department of press and publication department researcher Cai Yuan said in an interview: "now the rural living conditions are good, but still lack of spiritual and cultural life, as artists, with the spirit of the artistic form of the propaganda of the party’s eighteen is our bounden responsibility, grassroots actors not only let down to earth. Also exercise their will, we have to do is put the best work to the masses, the party’s voice in the form of art to convey to the masses." It is understood that the study and publicize the party’s spirit of eighteen performances throughout the Haidong Prefecture and the city aims to take the form of theatrical performances and guide the masses to understand the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and harmonious society. (author: Zhang Qian)


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