Under forest economy to increase farmers’ income

To consolidate the achievements of the reform of collective forest right system, accelerate the pace of construction of our province forestry industry, as of now, our province has implemented to support forest economy 22 million 700 thousand yuan of funds to support projects amounted to 30, led farmers to achieve the income increase. Deepening the work of forest reform has been initially explored a suitable for the province’s provincial road of forest reform. The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department, our province since 2013 to deepen forestry reform stage, to "reform, stability, standardization, service and development" principle, to the management right and implement the right of disposal, to protect the earning power as the goal, in the premise of the protection of forest ecological conditions, and actively guide farmers to develop the forest the economy, farmers through rental, subcontracting, shares, mortgages and other forms of transfer of collective forest rights, strengthening farmers’ forestry professional cooperative organizations such as the new rural construction of forestry management body. To strengthen the level of management services, this year, the province will chase, Ping two counties as a pilot unit for the work of forest change. Now two county collective forest rights management service center has begun to accept business, forest rights management and education electronic platform has been put into trial operation. According to the provincial forestry department responsible person, this year our province has implemented to support forest economy 22 million 700 thousand yuan of funds in the 15 counties of Xining, Haidong, Haibei, Hainan city state of state-owned forest farms, farmers cooperatives and related enterprises and other business entities to carry out forest planting, breeding, forest landscape with a total of 30 projects a. Natural forest protection project to support the economic development of forest funds 9 million 500 thousand yuan, the implementation of state-owned forest farms under the economic project of the 8, to support the development of state-owned forest farm farmhouse and farm households of 70. Through the implementation of forest economic projects, played a very good demonstration effect.  

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