Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to the countryside to facilitate Tibetan people

for the new rural social pension insurance for the work, in January 5th, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau organized huzhengke and new village police station came to the group with Tibetan village, for the second generation ID card for the Tibetan people live there.

the same day early in the morning, the police on the laptop, flash, cameras and other equipment braved the cold, came to the group of canada. In the township government meeting room, the police have set up a temporary processing point for local people portrait collection.

group and township from the county lushaer town nearly 80 kilometers every day, only a bus to town, on the way to climb more than 3800 meters above sea level lajishan. The township more than 60 years old, there are more than 232 people, accounting for the township population of 1/10. Due to the absence of the second generation ID card, plus those mountains in the distance, the mobility of the local Tibetan people, especially the elderly for the new agricultural insurance encountered problems. To understand the difficulties of the masses, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau timely "timely assistance", provide accreditation service for the villagers to get everyone’s welcome.

group in Huangzhong county and Xiang Tang Yang Cun Dou villagers pull (Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau (to us) group, (to us) ID card, we happy heart.

group of ordinary people to work in the county town, round-trip fare will spend more than forty yuan, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to apply for identity cards to the countryside, only a fare for the local people to save more than 1 yuan.


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