18 million 10 thousand yuan to help the poor workers of the 26 thousand

November 18th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of trade unions, trade unions, self helping poor workers condolences difficulties since the center was established, 696 enterprises have been visited. The difficulties workers (including migrant workers difficult) 26935 people (Times), issuing condolences and assistance payments 18 million 10 thousand yuan.
is helping poor workers union city center was established ten years, always around the direction of the work of serving the overall situation, service workers, trade unions and the work of helping to improve people’s livelihood and the combination of social management. At the same time, according to the actual situation of workers and the need to help the needy, to amend and improve the lives of workers in difficult relief, medical assistance, school aid, employment assistance, legal aid and other relevant provisions and methods. Three counties in Xining City, the four District Federation of trade unions to establish all of helping poor workers, in the 21 district offices, 49 towns, 135 communities, 341 enterprises set up stations (points) helping poor workers or set up liaison, the basic form of the city and district (county), the base layer three trade union work of helping the network. Up to now, the per capita monthly income of about 500 yuan in the family life difficulties of the staff of 22536 workers to establish a file. For the difficulties encountered in the production and life of workers, trade unions at all levels to help increase the content of innovative ways to help. Each year, two to send warm activity has become a party committee, government and the community generally recognized the resounding brand of trade union work. In view of the difficulties workers difficult problem of school children, carefully organize the implementation of "student" activities, a total of 2709 workers children funding difficulties, grant the student funds 5 million 760 thousand yuan, to further enhance the efficiency of the "student", the past two years has been to 38 poor children of employees on University implemented four years of full assistance. In order to solve the problem of expensive medical care for the workers, the medical assistance, which is the main content of the serious illness relief, is provided. Up to now, has 450 workers (including migrant workers) to provide medical assistance, payment of relief funds 934 thousand and 800 yuan.


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