The law enforcement departments of cleaning up two morning Youyi illegal practice was banned

no qualifications certificate, no fixed medical establishments, no disinfection measures required, without approval of selling homemade drugs, Youyi now frequently in the provincial capital market appeared. In June 18th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision of the provincial capital early illegal practice made a comprehensive rectification, check the Saline Lake Road 5 morning, banned the illegal practice of medicine at 2.

June 18th morning 8 am, Wuyi Road market bustling, all kinds of vegetables, daily necessities, such as a wide variety of accessories.

"come, try not to know, Zuzhuanmifang, for various types of arthritis treatment, not bad money……" Surrounded by a lot of people in front of the booth, a man claiming to be from the field to Xining doctor is using the ancestral recipe to treat people. A plastic bucket next to the "doctor", the snake and tortoise soaked in wine, every doctor who used wine barrels sticky wipe, like a god of medicine. While the man busy blowing, when several appear as if it were raining flowers, health supervision staff, so that the original squatting on the ground he, like a spring up.

"please show me your medical certificate." Law enforcement officers said, but where he has any documents. There is no qualification certificate, you can not give a doctor, you this behavior is illegal practice."

Zhang Xiulan people a few years ago when she had a doctor, said: "these Youyi smatter pit a lot of people. They caught the elderly sick go to the hospital, reluctant to spend money mentality, the elderly money is spent, but no cure diseases. On the morning of the health department to clean up the doctor, it is a good thing."

reporter learned from the health supervision department, practitioners should not only have the qualifications of doctors, but also to register in the local health sector and obtain a certificate of medical practitioners can post. On the morning of the doctor does not have the qualifications, the patient once believed them, not only the loss of money, there are other possible adverse consequences.


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